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- Accessible
- Self-contained
- Environmentally friendly
- Self-sustaining
- Government compliant
- Solar powered
- Solid construction
- Easy installation
- Portable
- Custom designed

Custom Design

Scotty Pine Portable Toilet technology has been technically pre-screened
by The Ontario Ministry of the Environment and complete applications to
amend environmental compliance approvals will be put through a streamlined
process as a result.

The need for accessible, low maintenance, cost-saving and evironmentally-friendly public washrooms has always been a hassle for municipalities and outdoor facility operators...until now.

Introducing Scotty Pine Portables
Designed to meet strict regulations and still allow a wide range of features and benefits,
Scotty Pine Portables offer a unique, turn-key solution.

Accessible, portable washrooms and snack-bars like you've never seen before!
Scotty Pine Portables feature unique designs and construction that are self-contained and meet or exceed municipal regulations. Their portability and ease of installation makes them the ideal choice for public parks, golf courses, sports fields,beaches and trails.

The use of solar panels to provide power for pumps, lighting and monitoring systems make them very environmentally-friendly and eliminates having to install costly power supply, holding tanks, septic beds or tying into municipal sewage. Custom designed to fit your needs and built with quality materials to provide many years of service, they can be combined with options such as a snack bar, rain shelter, showers and more.

Our dealer network spans right across Canada and we do service into the U.S.A.
Whether your need is municipal or residential, Scotty Pine Portables are your first choice for Unique, Self-contained, Money-saving and Accessible Turn-key solutions.

Call us today at 1-800-263-4263 to find out how you can benefit from Scotty Pine Portables.