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- Accessible
- Self-contained
- Environmentally friendly
- Self-sustaining
- Government compliant
- Solar powered
- Solid construction
- Easy installation
- Portable
- Custom designed


NEW - Leading Edge Portable Washrooms

Scott Richmond Ltd. has now taken its dependable, no maintenance portable washrooms
to a whole new level... OUR MOST ADVANCED PRODUCT LINE

Standard features

  • Totally self-contained - Can be operated year-round (even in temperatures down to -40° Celcius)
  • Can be installed, up and running in 1 hour
  • Easily moved from one site to another
  • Now equipped with Solar Powered Panels for interior LED lighting and energy for water pumps
  • All units are equipped with 1 litre Touch Toilets and Touchless Faucets
  • Grab Rails and Baby Change Tables are included to meet accessibility codes
  • An Independent Monitoring System for both water tanks as well as the sewage tank

Operational features

  • The exterior of these Odourless Units are built with the highest quality weather resistant products to extend life and include commercial grade steel doors.
  • All units have sealed plumbing fixtures
  • The interior walls are built with Interloc (Food Grade) PVC Panels which not only look good but are easy to clean
  • There are skylights built into the roof for added light in each washroom
  • The sealed, built-in sewage tanks have the capacity for approximately 2200 flushes before pumping is required
  • Each unit has two built-in 200 gallon (Food Grade) potable water tanks
  • There are documented sign-off procedures and controls to ensure complete accountability of recurring water supply for the owner
  • We are also introducing an independent water monitoring system. Sensors will be installed on all water and sewage tanks to indicate to us when there is a need to add water or remove waste. We at Scott Richmond Ltd. will then send out our representative to your site to resolve the need.
    "This provides the ownwer/operator with a worry-free, zero maintenance unit"